January 16, 2024
NANO Nuclear Energy Sponsors Nuclear Energy Institute 2024 Nuclear Financing Summit Held in New York City

CEO & Head of Reactor Development James Walker to be Closing Keynote Speaker on Opening Day


NANO Nuclear Energy Inc. (“NANO Nuclear”), an emerging microreactor and advanced nuclear technology company led by a world-class nuclear engineering team developing proprietary, portable, and clean energy solutions, is pleased to announce that it is a Co-Host Sponsor the upcoming 2024 Nuclear Financing Summit, hosted by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI).

To be held at the New York Marriott Marquis in the heart of New York City on January 30–31, 2024, the NEI Nuclear Financing Summit will bring together stakeholders from the financial community, new customers and members of the nuclear technology industries together to generate conversation, connections and create opportunities for attendees, including exploring the investment potential of nuclear energy and technology.

NANO Nuclear Energy’s Chief Executive Officer and Head of Reactor Development James Walker will present the Closing Keynote at 4:30pm EST on the opening day, January 30, 2024.

“NEI is delighted to welcome NANO Nuclear as our co-host of the upcoming 2024 Nuclear Financing Summit,” said Maria Korsnick, President and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute. “NANO Nuclear’s leadership team comprises capital markets and financing professionals, which makes them a natural fit for the summit. Demand for new nuclear power has been growing rapidly in recent years and the value nuclear provides as the most reliable source of clean energy is finally being recognized by both the public and private sectors. This trend was underscored just last month as world leaders pledged to triple nuclear energy during COP 28. Meeting that pledge is going to require innovative companies, like NANO Nuclear, to lead the way.”

Figure 1 – NANO Nuclear Energy Participates and is a Co-Host Sponsor of Nuclear Energy Institute’s Nuclear Financing Summit 2024, to be held on January 30-31, 2024 in New York City

“We are truly excited that NANO Nuclear will be sponsoring and participating in the upcoming NEI 2024 Nuclear Financing Summit,” said Jay Jiang Yu, Founder and Executive Chairman of NANO Nuclear Energy. “This gathering will provide an opportunity to forge enduring impressions, establish collaborations, meet with institutional investors and connect with highly knowledgeable industry experts. We look forward to attending and taking advantage of the opportunities.”

The NEI Nuclear Financing Summit is expected to provide a dynamic platform and opportunity for attendees to actively contribute to the discourse and establish valuable connections at the forefront of nuclear innovation. Attendees are expected to include nuclear industry executives, private equity, family offices and bankers, government representatives and consumers.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the upcoming NEI Nuclear Financing Summit,” said James Walker, Chief Executive Officer of NANO Nuclear Energy. “It’s a chance to explore innovative ideas, share insights, and collaborate on advancing sustainable nuclear energy solutions. Kicking off the new year at this amazing event feels like the perfect start for us, and I’m honored to be the closing keynote speaker on opening day of the summit.”

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