November 16, 2022
NANO Nuclear Energy Inc. Further Strengthens Its Nuclear Technical Team: Appoints Dr. Eugene Shwageraus, World Renown Thorium Fuel and Advanced Reactor Technologies Expert, as its Lead of Nuclear Reactor Engineering

NANO Nuclear Energy Inc. (“NANO Nuclear”), a company emerging from the shared micro Small Modular Reactor (µSMR) and Advanced Nuclear Reactor (ANR) ambitions of a world class nuclear technical team filled with influential and foremost nuclear experts in the field, working alongside business and industry professionals, possessing strong relationships with both government, and the private and public nuclear industries, is pleased to announce that it has appointed Dr. Eugene Shwageraus, a world renown Thorium Fuel and Advanced Reactor Technologies expert, as its Lead of Nuclear Reactor Engineering.

A Professor of Nuclear Energy Systems Engineering at the University of Cambridge Engineering Department, Dr. Shwageraus was the Head of Nuclear Engineering Department at Ben-Gurion University, Israel and Visiting Associate Professor at the Nuclear Science and Engineering Department at MIT. Dr Shwageraus’s research is focused on physics and engineering of nuclear power reactors as well as modelling of nuclear systems to assist policy decision making. His research is focused on modeling techniques and design of advanced nuclear energy systems intended to address future global energy needs in environmentally conscious and resource-sustainable way.

“It is a pleasure to welcome yet another leading nuclear scientist to the NANO Nuclear team,” said James Walker, NANO Nuclear Energy’s CEO and Director. “Dr. Shwageraus’ experience will be decisive in the near future, as we continue to work on improving our designs and proprietary technologies. His knowledge of nuclear systems and engineering experience are exactly what we need, so his addition is something I am very proud to announce.”

Nuclear reactors are an integral part of a broader concept known as nuclear fuel cycle, which includes many other components affecting the social and economic benefits and costs of nuclear energy. Traditionally, reactor technologies were driving the choice of other fuel cycle components. This, on the overall balance of costs and benefits, may not be the most efficient approach. A part of Dr. Shwageraus’s research is dedicated to studying Thorium based fuel in combination with advanced cladding material such as SiC which may be capable of achieving ultra-high burnup (long fuel cycles at high power densities) while at the same time providing higher safety margin.

“I am very happy to be a part of this pioneering endeavor and forward thinking team,” said Dr. Shwageraus, Lead of Nuclear Reactor Engineering of NANO Nuclear Energy Inc. “I know my technical expertise will play a major role in guiding the design and engineering of NANO Nuclear’s advanced reactor technology and I look forward to the challenge.”

Dr. Shwageraus has led multiple government and industry-sponsored research projects on developing advanced reactor designs. He is a co-PI on a £7M UK EPSRC sponsored program grant MATHRAD which will apply the latest mathematical methods to radiation transport modelling in nuclear industry, space and medicine.

“Dr. Shwageraus experience in the field will be an invaluable resource as we continue development of the ‘ZEUS’ µSMR,” said Jay Jiang Yu, Founder, Chairman and President of NANO Nuclear Energy Inc. “The progress we have made so far has been due to the tireless work of leading nuclear scientists like Dr. Shwageraus and I believe his addition will only strengthen the Company as we continue working on the cutting-edge of advanced nuclear reactor and energy technology.”

In collaboration with the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) as part of the National Reactor Innovation Center (NRIC) Resource Team program, NANO Nuclear is currently in technical development and working to develop its proprietary portable and on-demand capable advanced nuclear micro reactor or micro-Small Modular Reactor (µSMR), “ZEUS”. The “ZEUS” design will be modular and enable it to connect with local power grids or power systems, revolutionizing how remote communities, recovery from natural disasters, mining project, and military bases, among others, obtain consistent electricity.

“The NANO Nuclear management team have truly made a statement with the addition of an internationally renowned scientist such as Dr. Shwageraus,” said Dr. Lassina Zerbo, NANO Nuclear Chairman of the Executive Advisory Board for Africa. “His years of experience and know-how will play a crucial role in the technical development of our ‘ZEUS’ reactor. Once again, I am very pleased to welcome yet another international nuclear scientist like myself to the NANO Nuclear team.”

Moreover, Dr. Jeffrey L. Binder, Head of Laboratory and Technologies at NANO Nuclear Energy stated, “The deep knowledge of advanced reactor modelling and engineering that Dr. Shwageraus possesses will be a key addition to our nuclear technical team. Having another world class nuclear reactor engineer joining the NANO Nuclear team is priceless and will play a major role with our current engagement of national laboratories.”

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